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DOI: 10.46698/VNC.2021.14.7.009


Byazrova, Alla R.
Kavkaz Forum. 2021. Issue 7.
The article examines the genre, plot and psychological features of Meliton
Gabulov’s novel «The Hermit». The author of the novel focuses his attention not
on complex historical processes, but emparts to the events unexpectedly dynamic,
adventurous character. His hero, in essence, is a rather intelligent, educated young
man, due to his emotional instability, finds himself in unusual circumstances and
sometimes commits unjustified, unmotivated atrocities. The combination of
villainy and nobility, the opposition of good and evil, intelligence and madness in
one character constitute the plot of the work.
The determining factor in this article is the study of deep spiritual
contradictions and searches of the protagonist. Through the prism of the analysis
of actions, words, the appearance of the hero, an attempt is made to reveal his
inner world, his attitude to life in certain psychological situations. The article
aims to reveal the depth of feelings and experiences of a person who is trying to
overcome mental pain and physical ailment. The torment of the hero, exhausting
mental pain and remorse become the inevitable companions of his whole life. The
writer managed to fully, deeply enough depict the feelings and thoughts of his
character. The feelings and experiences of the hero are determined by his actions,
which often reach the point of absurdity and cannot be justified. However, an
adventure novel, due to its genre characteristics, does not imply understanding
and explaining the motives of the hero’s actions, moreover, it creates conditions
for the sloppy development of the plot. Thus, the absurd actions of the hero and
the dynamism of the plot become decisive in the genre of the adventure novel, in
general, and in M. Gabulov’s novel, in particular.
Despite its adventurous nature, the novel is based on the moral and ethical
concepts of a man. The hero’s atrocities are the result of his mental anguish. The
writer approves of the concept of goodness and humanism: good must be loved,
appreciated and created. You have to fight for kindness, sometimes even with
yourself. In the eternal struggle between good and evil, light and darkness, the
feeling of humanity and mercy should prevail - this is the ideological concept of
the work of M. Gabulov “The Hermit”.
Keywords: novel, adventurous, genre features, hero, emotional experiences, inner world, psychologism, hermit
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