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DOI: 10.46698/VNC.2021.13.6.008


Sekinaev, Soslan A.
Kavkaz Forum. 2021. Issue 6.
The article analyzes the military operations on the territory of our republic,
which took place during the Great Patriotic War in 1942. The relevance of the study
of military operations is accounted by the fact that the history of the Second World
War, despite the intensive development of its problems throughout all the years
following its completion, still conceals many not comprehensively lit and explored
pages. On the example of the exploits of the soldiers of North Ossetia, who fought
on all fronts of the Great Patriotic War. It is important to show the heroism, courage,
and patriotism of all participants in the fighting. Despite the fact that more than
75 years have passed, it is necessary to continue searching for information about
all the active participants of the Great Patriotic War, the partisan movement,
the underground struggle behind enemy lines and the resistance movement, to
continue studying such historical moments as the struggle of the working people
of North Ossetia in the rear of the Nazi invaders, the heroism of the working class,
the collective farm peasantry of North Ossetia during the war, the failure of the
occupation policy of the Germans in Russia, and in particular in the Caucasus.
In this study, monographs, articles, and archival documents were considered, on
the basis of which conclusions were drawn that the events that took place on the
territory of North Ossetia in 1942 contributed to the victory over the German army
in the Battle for the Caucasus, and to the further liberation of our country from
the Nazi invaders. The capital of North Ossetia, the city of Vladikavkaz, rightfully
remains in history a city that not only survived the most critical period of the Great
Patriotic War, but also inspired confidence in the final defeat of the German army.
The attack on the German-fascist troops at Vladikavkaz was the prologue of the
offensive of our troops at Stalingrad, the beginning of the general offensive of the
Soviet troops on other fronts of the Great Patriotic War.
Keywords: Caucasus, Mozdok, Red Army, defense of Vladikavkaz, German soldiers
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