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DOI: 10.46698/VNC.2021.13.6.001


Abisalova, Raisa N.
Kavkaz Forum. 2021. Issue 6.
The object of attention in the article is that part of the scientific and
journalistic heritage of the outstanding Ossetian scientist, doctor of philological
sciences, professor, laureate of several prestigious prizes Tamerlan Alexandrovich
Guriev. The article examines the problems of Ossetian nartology, literary criticism,
theory and practice of literary translation. The object of analysis in the article was
such works by Guriev as “On the problem of the genesis of Ossetian Nart names”,
“Anthroponymy of the Ossetian Nart epic”, “Problems of Nartiada”, “The heritage
of the Scythians and Alans”, “Who is who in the Alan Nartiada”. They sanctify the
features of motives, plots of the Nart epic, their variability, connection with world
epics, images of heroes, their characters, motivations of actions, evolutionary
processes of their development.
The second aspect of the content of the proposed work is the problem of K.Kh.
Khetagurov in the scientific and journalistic heritage T.A. Guriev.
The article also analyzes the side of Guriev as a literary critic, which is
associated with his talent as a polemicist, able to defend his own view of some of
the works of Kosta Khetagurov. The author, on the basis of a deep understanding
of the specifics of the fable genre, the history of its formation and development,
convincingly refutes the opinion of those who considered Costa’s fables only
translations of the works of his predecessors, fabulists. T.A. Guriev, comparing the
texts of the fables of K.L. Khetagurov and I.A. Krylova, conclusively comes to the
conclusion that the great Ossetian poet did not resort to translations of already
known fables, that his fables, even if they are based on world plots, are original,
distinctive and deeply national.
The third aspect of the scientific heritage of T.A. Guriev, reflected in this work,
is associated with an analysis of the scientist’s works devoted to the theory and
practice of literary translation.
Keywords: T.A. Guriev, K.L. Khetagurov, Nart epic, nartology, anthroponymy, etymology, epic heroes, motives, plots, historical prototypes, literary translation
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