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DOI: 10.46698/VNC.2021.12.5.008


Parastaeva, Elda S.
Kavkaz Forum. 2021. Issue 5.
The question of studying the personal name is of very great interest both for
the researchers and for the society as a whole. The entire set of personal (and more
broadly – proper) names refers to that part of the lexical system of any language,
the research of which is of great value. In linguistics a separate branch is defined
for the study of a name – onomastics. De-etymologization of onomastic units is
important not only for linguistics, but also for various branches of knowledge,
in particular, for historical science in the study of the ancient history of peoples
(reconstruction of archaic social systems, beliefs, religions, everyday life), places of
their settlement in different periods.
In this article, we examined the names of persons – anthroponyms in the sociohistorical
aspect of the new and modern times, the time of total globalization
and democratization. The historically established system of naming people goes
back to antiquity, but it was not conservative and gradually changed over time,
with the change of eras. Once closed national nominal systems (names), under
the influence of ever-increasing social and cultural interactions of the peoples of
the world, slowly but surely «gave up their positions.» An active inter-borrowing
of personal names began among groups of different ethnicity. In modern
national naming systems, primordial and borrowed (foreign) names coexist
quite peacefully. At the same time, there is a certain antagonism between them,
brought to life by the concept of originality / non-originality, which, in turn, is
based on the meaning of the word (appellative) from which the name originated.
There are new names (borrowed), which, on the basis of the foreign soil of the
receiving language, acquire an appearance that corresponds to the norms of the
latter. In our opinion, transnational names should be considered onomastic units
that do not know ethnic and state barriers, easily overcome geographic barriers.
They serve as one of the most effective tools for globalization.
Keywords: personal name, andronym Lenin, globalization, original name, transnational names, variants of names, andronym Stalin, borrowed name
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