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DOI: 10.46698/VNC.2021.12.5.001


Fidarova, Rima Ya.
Kavkaz Forum. 2021. Issue 5.
Professor T. A. Guriev is one of the few Ossetian scholars who have managed
to form a coherent, integral concept of the Ossetian spiritual and artistic culture,
his own scientific picture of the national world. The scientist set a goal to
investigate the meaningful forms of interaction of Ossetians and their ancestors
with the objective world in a historical perspective; interaction, which reveals the
multifaceted aspects of the ethno-national spiritual and moral space, the cultural
and philosophical code of the people, firstly. Secondly, in the process of traditional
comprehension and cognition of the object of his study, the professor skillfully
and creatively uses already established, approved rules, standards, principles
of cognition that help him to solve his creative problems. At the same time,
T. A. Guriev seeks to build in his research the structure of the scientific knowledge
being created in such a way as to establish a successive line of communication
with the already existing scientific theory.
Actively using the comparative-historical method, T. A. Guriev seeks to identify
typicality and specificity in the Scythian-Sarmatian-Alanian-Ossetian world, to
achieve deep knowledge of the various historical stages, to find out and compare
different levels in their evolution, tendencies of formation and development. Using
the comparative-contrastive method, the scientist tries to analyze the nature and
originality of heterogeneous objects. And the comparative-typological method
allows him to explain the similarity of phenomena that are not related in genetics.
The scientist creatively uses such philosophical categories as historical and
logical. Moreover, with the help of the historical category the scientis reconstructs
the process of the formation and development of the Scythian-Sarmatian-
Alanoian-Ossetian world, and with the help of the logical categpry analyses its
development in the system of the most important connections and relations.
Keywords: methodology, principles and approaches, Scythian culture, Sarmatian culture, Alans, Ossetians, consciousness of society
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