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DOI: 10.46698/q8511-4568-7459-i


Dzaparova, Elizaveta B.
Kavkaz Forum. 2020. Issue 4.
The problems of the theory and practice of literary translation as a phenomenon
of intercultural communication are still actualized in modern philological science.
The research field in this area of scientific knowledge is expanding for translators
and those interested in the problems of the dialogue of cultures. The choice of
the research topic was also conditioned by the 95th anniversary of the famous
Ossetian poet, playwright, literary critic Nafi Grigorievich Jusoyty, celebrated this
The article examines the contribution of the people’s writer of Ossetia to the
theoretical understanding of the problems of literary translation; for the first time
one of the most difficult poems for translation by A.S. Pushkin’s «Prophet» in the
interpretation of N. Jusoyty is reviewed.
In particular, the author in the article presents an analysis of the discussion
papers published by Jusoyty on the pages of central literary journals on the most
pressing problems of translation studies. In them, Jusoyty focuses on the issues
of closeness to the original, improving the quality of interlinear translations,
innovation and modernization of classical works; determines the importance
of translation reading in the process of comprehending the original; determines
the specifics of poetic translation; opposes embellishment in translation, the
demonstration of weak originals and imperfect translations at the all-Union level.
In general, Jusoyty, arguing with well-known theorists, offers his own concept of
translation, starting from the choice of a work and up to the final result – a text
in another language. We are faced with a range of problems that still concern
specialists in literary translation.
The author of the article also presents a comparative analysis of A. Pushkin’s
poem in the original and in t/he translation interpretation of N.G. Jusoyty.
Comparison of the texts at the semantic level showed Jusoyty’s desire to find
close artistic means that help to reveal the main image. But not everywhere is
disclosed the two-dimensional meaning embodied in the lexical units of the
source language.
Keywords: literary translation, theory and practice of translation, N.G. Dzhusoyty, A.S. Pushkin, the poem «The Prophet».
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