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DOI: 10.46698/m0567-2637-6362-e


Khapsaeva, Dana V. , Balikoeva, Larisa M.
Kavkaz Forum. 2020. Issue 2.
The ever-increasing anthropogenic impact on the environment, the threat
to environmental safety and the associated social risks highlight studies on
environmental management. This article raises the problem of the formation of
an environmental strategy in the local government system as a comprehensive
program of environmental activities and regulation of the environmental and
economic interests of the city. On the example of the environmental situation
in the city of Vladikavkaz, the causes of its dysfunction are analyzed, the list of
violated fundamental principles of environmental protection is defined. Among
them, special attention is paid to the principles based on the current legislation,
the reasons for its non-compliance are identified, among which objective and
subjective ones are identified. For the first time, an analysis of the city’s existing
system of environmental management was carried out, which leads to the
conclusion that an environmental strategy should be formed. It should include
accounting for natural resources, toxic waste register, monitoring the results
of environmental and technological audits of potentially dangerous objects,
introduction of innovative environmental systems and technologies, activation
of billing activities, obtaining objective information on environmental safety and
providing it to the public in a timely manner, maximizing public resources. The
creation of such a strategy will ensure the obligatory and planned implementation
of environmental measures, improve environmental management, contribute to
achieving a high level of environmental safety and prevent the transformation of
environmental conflicts into an acute social format. The analysis of the situation
with the Electrocynk plant confirms the lack of competent management,
which led to incompatibility and even conflict of environmental and economic
interests, aggravation of the socio-political situation and wide protest actions.
The article attempts to develop recommendations for improving environmental
management in Vladikavkaz.
Keywords: environmental strategy, environmental legislation, social risks, management
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