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DOI: 10.46698/VNC.2021.14.7.005


Kireev, Felix S.
Kavkaz Forum. 2021. Issue 7.
The article analyzes the reasons for constructing Vladikavkaz railway and the
mechanism of constructing this important railway artery.
The topic relevance of studying the history of the railway network in the North
Caucasus is determined by the necessity for further problem research of its socioeconomic
development. In its time Vladikavkaz railway had a huge impact on the
development of trade and industry in the North Caucasus.
The construction of the Rostov-Vladikavkaz railway is also an example of
public-private cooperation, which has paid off well. The road was built entirely
at the expense of shareholders, among whom were both large industrialists and
ordinary people. Being privately owned, the Vladikavkaz railway functioned and
developedwell. At the same time, the state acquired an important transport artery
of great economic and military-strategic importance.
It was also important that a number of social facilities were built at the
expense of the Vladikavkaz railway - hospitals, educational institutions.
The article also shows the interest of the public in Vladikavkaz and the region
as a whole in the construction of the railway. Various options for laying the track,
building stations were widely discussed by both specialists and ordinary citizens.
As a result, the most optimal route and location of the Vladikavkaz station were
Further expansion of transport arteries today can significantly revive the
economy of the Caucasus and Russia as a whole, as well as contribute to the
development of tourism in the region. In this regard, it is necessary to analyze the
history of constructing Vladikavkaz railway and adopt the best experience of the
Keywords: the Russian Empire, North Caucasus, Terek region, Vladikavkaz, transport, railway, trade
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